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Welcome to Farne

Farne Salmon and Trout is located in the picturesque Borders of southern Scotland. The company is based in Duns, a small market town located 45 miles south of Edinburgh and 15 miles west of Berwick upon Tweed.

The Duns factory is now amongst the biggest smoked salmon facilities in Europe, but from small beginnings. In 1982 Farne started trading with a staff of 6. Now, Farne is the biggest private employer in the Borders with a core workforce of 500 people

Farne combines in its operation, the best of traditional and modern Scotland. From the traditional heritage comes the art of dry salting salmon to preserve and flavour. From the climate and environment comes the art of smoking. Smoke produced from the slow charring of wood shavings in the old style kilns enhance the flavour, whilst preserving the salmon.

In sharp contrast to these traditional methods, are rigidly enforced computer controlled quality and hygiene assurances. Every batch of incoming fish is analysed against an agreed specification. All batches produced through the salt and smoke process are monitored in the laboratory for salt and moisture content.
As well as Smoked Salmon, Farne also produces a growing range of Added Value products, based on or containing salmon, shellfish and other fish varieties. The creative development chefs are constantly developing new innovative recipes and products to add variety to the range, and meet customer/consumer expectations.

We source fish, mainly salmon, from several geographical origins, of which Scottish is our number one, working with a number of long term suppliers all of whom are leading players in their fields and of course meet our and our customers’ demanding standards and specifications. Processed products are packed in a variety of packaging types including trays, pouches and bags and are either made from lightweight recyclable materials or are themselves recyclable, with the focus being on minimizing environmental impact. Our packaging and ingredients suppliers are specialists all operating in extremely close partnership with us.

Being part of a major international seafood group has advantages such as buying power and group synergies – these, along with capital investment, will help grow Farne Salmon and Trout Ltd into being the most efficient producer of smoked salmon in the UK, possibly Europe


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